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I worked with Matilda for a few years in her former career. Her drive to follow her passions and dreams are second to none, and inspiring to watch. If Matilda sets her mind to something; she will succeed. I have also been fortunate enough to see Matilda in the coaching space and her dedication and determination to see her clients’ succeed is no different. She inspires to follow your passion and break through limiting beliefs.

Lauren Bendeich
Resourcing Specialist, Trojan Rail

Matilda is a go getter and a high achiever. Through her ambition, caring nature and resourcefulness she can help anyone break through any challenge and overcome any obstacle. Matilda is solution focused and will not allow your excuses to get in the way. I would highly recommend her for either personal or business coaching.

Mel Aurino
Team Assistant, Integrity Property Consultants

Matilda is a highly motivated and hard-working young woman who has a history of setting herself challenging goals and achieving them. She has overcome a personal tragedy in her teenage years and emerged with a positive, driven outlook on life.

Michael Parris
News Journalist, Newcastle Herald

Matilda Quist is a force of nature. What she has accomplished and continues to accomplish in her life is incredible. If you want to take your business life to the next level, if you want to get some top quality leadership skills into your business, if you want to know more about your team and how to get them to work together in ways you haven’t seen before, contact Matilda. Her skills and her experience in management and in team dynamics will change your business. Her drive to succeed and her passion for your success will take you to places you have not been before. Matilda is dedicated to giving you her best – first time and every time. I can’t recommend Matilda Quist highly enough.

Sean Street
Human Behaviour Expert

Matilda is a goal driven woman who understands what it takes to strive in todays society. I have seen first hand Matilda’s ability to set life goals, map her course and execute the plan ultimately achieving her desired outcomes.

On top of achieving her own goals Matilda has helped others with their journey offering constructive coaching tailored for the individuals situation.

Honest, trustworthy and genuine are personal behaviours that Matilda carry’s into all interactions with a passion to support others in reaching their potential.

Simon Merrick
Lead Open Cut Examiner, Shift Co-ordinator, Yancoal

It is my honour to recommend Matilda Wand from Coaching Corporate. I have had the pleasure of having Matilda present her workshop ‘Understanding the Four Human Behavioural Styles’ for the members of the New South Wales Nurses and Midwives Association. The Association are one of the largest organisations representing nurses and midwives in NSW with 65000 members.

Matilda brings to all her presentations professionalism but also enthusiasm and commitment. She uses the style of storytelling which brings out a real connection with her audience. The powerfulness, highly emotional, energetic and charismatic methods within Matilda’s style of presenting built a deep connection and engagement with the participants.

Matilda was very well organised with her material, correspondence and planning of the sessions. It was a pleasure to work and plan with her.

Please find below an example of the feedback form one of the participants.

“Really enjoyed Matilda’s easy going warm and friendly style of presenting, very informative and knowledgeable. Thoroughly enjoyed the day!!! Well done M.”

Joanne Purdue
Professional Officer Education, NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association

I met Matilda Quist in a Leadership Training 4 years ago. She impressed me the moment she walked into the leadership training room.
Professional. Results Orientated. And the determination and focus to get quality outcomes across the line.
Matilda has proven to be an exceptionally influential leader and creates positive change with all her interactions.
She is charismatic and fun which allows those around her to be open to the learning and behavioural change she provides through her leadership coaching and the delivery of her professional workshops.
Jo Wise

Jo Wise
CEO, Jo Wise Leadership

I have known Matilda since approximately 2011 and have worked with her in a few different capacities over that time. One trait that has been consistently present in Matilda is Authenticity. She has always been an extremely down to earth, open, genuine and honest person who works by an authentic and moral code. Whether it was support for my naive little start up that failed, a partnership across coaching & people processes within her business or being a representative of The People Network, Matilda has been one of very few people that I’ve come across who stood by what they believed in, did what was right despite industry influences and was/is always someone who I could rely on to do whatever she said she could/would do. An even mix of warmth, softness & care wrapped up with energy, fire & guts – Matilda is both the calm and the storm dependent on the need/situation and someone who I would definitely recommend to deliver a great result.

Adrian Brown
Managing Director, The People Network

Matilda brings a unique blend of professionalism, personal development and entrepreneurial business expertise to her role as Leadership Specialist within Corporate Coaching. Her desire to provide and deliver exceptionally high standards of service means she is able to offer solutions for your business that are effective, business focused and measurable. Matilda’s ability to meet you where you are at on your journey means she can provide both business and personal coaching effectively. She will guide you to think about what it is you want to do, structuring goals in a way that are forward focused and achievable all while helping you focus on the things that really matter to you. Matilda’s approach is both professional and genuine. Not only is she able to guide and support you in the direction you want to go, she also brings a sense of warmth, care, commitment and dedication to her work with you.

Sky Steele
Clinical Psychologist


Undertaking Matilda’s program has been an incredibly beneficial experience.

Matilda has an exceptional coaching style, conversations were structured so concepts could be understood, and presented so I was learning from the experience.

I initially started off seeking some balance, then came away with a greater understanding and more knowledge, on how to live a more authentic and satisfied life.

Glen Reus
Bid Manager

I recently attended a Behavioural Analysis workshop in Waterloo, based on The Four Human Behavioural Styles that the NSW Nurses & Midwives Association held, where Matilda Wand from Coaching Corporate was facilitating.
The workshop was interactive, engaging, fun and informative. I learnt a lot about my own behavioural style and the style of others. There was lots of short videos, exercises and group activities.
Throughout this workshop I realised that my childhood had a major influence on my behaviours which I found very interesting knowing that I could now change or adjust them knowing this new information.
I knew, I had to work one on one with Matilda, so I contacted her and she suggested a Matrix Therapy session. In this session we cleared the negative emotion of anger which had been prevalent all my life.
Ever since I had this session I amazingly don’t get angry! It’s an absolute miracle. I have come to realise where the anger stemmed from and the reason I was getting so easily frustrated with things. I was angry for a long time; almost all my life! I knew I wanted to be finished with that feeling and I released that by working with Matilda. Matilda showed me how to be free from it… So thank you Matilda….. Thank you for your real sincerness…

Catherine Sun Kim
Registered Nurse

As a creative person working in a demanding corporate position, I was finding that balancing work, relationships, personal goals and my own internal needs was becoming really difficult. Matilda’s coaching helped me to pinpoint why my energy and motivation was low, and to define what was really important to me.
I would have said that I would never be ‘that person’ (who I longed to be!) who gets up at 5:30am to exercise, sets and achieves goals, and has more energy for personal relationships and planning fun than I ever did before (when I slept in!) but here I am doing it! I highly recommend life coaching sessions with Matilda as a strategic step in improving your quality of life. It is an amazing feeling to look back and see the changes!

Corporate Sustainability Manager

I was stuck, unhappy and going nowhere . My mind was allowing my past experiences to keep me frozen in my current way of thinking. My heart was also hardening.

Matilda taught me how to rewire my brain, change my thought patterns and ultimately regain my self-worth. The thing l loved about Matilda’s coaching was she would tailor our sessions to specifically meet my needs. She was a one stop shop. Whilst it was structured, we didn’t have to follow the original plan step by step, we were able to deviate if needed as it was all about me and where l was at on each particular session.
Since participating in Matilda’s Coaching Program l am back to my positive self, l don’t let my past define me, l challenge myself and love myself for who l am. I now depend on myself to make me happy; not other people or things.
Matilda is very inspiring and always answered my calls, texts or emails promptly if l needed to liaise with her between my sessions.
Thank you so much Matilda. Forever Grateful.

Client prefers discretion
Business Manager

Matilda has gotten me to look at things differently. I had for so long put defensive measures in place to protect myself that I had lost who I was and I wasn’t happy. It’s not easy. You have to work hard to make the changes, but Matilda gives you the tools and support.
I’m happier and less stressed. I feel more complete and confident of who I am. I spend less time worrying about things I can’t change and get what I need done without drama.
My husband, friends and family all say I’m happier and I don’t get angry as often.

Danielle Collins
Easy Agent – Finance Support

I reached out to Matilda from Coaching Corporate as I was having serious self doubt and confidence issues that were holding me back from moving forward to the next step of my career.
Since my coaching sessions with Matilda I am definitely more honest and open about saying what is on my mind to my supervisors instead of dancing around the subject that I really need to get answers to.
I’m also getting better at self talk by turning negative thoughts into positive thoughts then tuning those thoughts into positive emotions like Matilda assisted me to. I feel this has helped the most, as the good days certainly out number the bad now.
I don’t dread going to work anymore. Now I view each day as a stepping stone that WILL get me to where I want to go.
I’m grateful I chose to be Coached by Matilda, I was just about to give up on the whole ‘career progressing’ situation. Matilda is definitely born to inspire people and it has helped me in my career progression.
Matilda is an amazing young lady and I hope my daughter grows up to be even half as confident and motivated as her.

Cameron Fancett
Mining- Operator/Step Up OCE

As I’m a professional coach myself, I sometimes find I can get a little stuck thinking ‘I know all the tools already so I don’t really need help’….
The truth is, I’ve been sitting on some projects and ideas for quite some time now in both my business and personal life – knowing I could act at any time- but for some reason also knew I was stuck in limbo.
I was reluctant to see Matilda because I wasn’t even sure what exactly I wanted to get help with. I felt that if I didn’t have a clear question or direction to take to my first session, that our time would be wasted but I was completely wrong.
She coached me perfectly for my type of learning and behavioural style, and asked me questions that not only challenged me, but really pushed me into a place where I could feel the emotions rising up and felt how important and vital my business vision is to me.
I walked away from our first session, feeling so inspired and motivated, and started putting our planning into place immediately. Honestly, I’ve not been so excited about taking action in my business, as I am right now. I have some incredible gifts to share, and Matilda’s session reminded me how much of a disservice I would be doing the world by not sharing my knowledge and experiences.
It’s been two days since our FIRST session and I’ve already completely overhauled several pages on my website, set out plans for future offerings, tweaked some of my current online programs, and attracted clients that I wouldn’t normally have attracted, if it weren’t for Matilda’s help.
These are changes I’ve thought about for many months. I can’t wait to finalise all of the homework she set out for me, so I can get back for another session!

Zoe Swain
Embodiment Coach+ Best Selling Author

I decided to look for a life coach as I felt I needed more than the help I was receiving in therapy. I felt instead of moving forward I was constantly reliving the past events and stuck in the same negative headspace by talking about the event over and over again.
After the first session with Matilda I left feeling very excited and really positive about the life coaching journey I was about to explore. I am only half way through the program and have learnt so much, not only how to live with a positive mind set, but also a lot about myself, and the person I am now. Matilda has taught me how to change my way of thinking, and how to live above the line, although this was very challenging at first, I now can recognise negative thoughts/situations and am making a conscious effort to stay above the line. I have also learnt about the behavioural concepts and the DISC personalities, which has become very helpful in learning about myself to see area’s I would like to change, but also how to handle situations with different personality types in my workplace.
I am only half way in the 12 session program but I can already see how this has changed my life and will continue too, with massive support from Matilda, I now have a positive outlook on life and I am no longer afraid to try new things, take risks and step out of my comfort zone.
I am so grateful for everything Matilda have taught me this far and am really excited to see where the next half of the journey brings. Thank you Matilda

Erica Beales
Leasing Consultant

When I contacted Matilda I was having issues with my self worth and self love. It was affecting my business and relationships and something I desperately wanted to improve.Matilda took me through four sessions where we discussed topics such as my core needs and experiences so I could understand how to improve my life and relationship with myself and others. Matilda created a safe space for me to discuss what I needed to and figure out a way to move forward.
I was able to grasp a deep understanding as to why I was acting the way I was and how to take steps to creating a much more fulfilling life.
Over six weeks I have massively improved my relationship with myself, my partner and my business has been impacted and is gaining momentum.
My life has been changed exponentially and for the better. I highly recommend Matilda for anyone who wants to improve their life and start being their best version.
Thank you so much!

Caitlin Hosking
Nutritionist / Transformation Coach