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You are NOT your title.

We all have these titles, lets call them ‘masks’ (which aren’t actually our true authentic self…) but we wear them for different relationships, situations or roles.

Even though they come from, and make up parts of our authentic self, we must remember we are not just one of those masks but we are many, in many different circumstances.

We may behave a certain way when at work, then different when with a loved one or then changing again when we are with our oldest friends. We may behave a certain way when we have a certain role; a mother, brother, daughter, parent, career, boss, coach, subordinate, mentor etc.

We can be labeled; an athlete, cancer survivor, widow, lawyer, footballer, workaholic or even for our relationship status…..

We have our own perceptions of what these masks, ‘should’ look like and have (mostly without being aware) generalised people into these different roles and categories.

Have you ever noticed yourself get annoyed, frustrated or even angry when someone you know hasn’t lived up to your expectations of what they ‘should’ be doing in their role?

Could it be that you’ve imposed a mask onto them and set your own expectation that they should behave a certain way?? And then been disappointed with their lack of performanceto your expectation??? Have you taken into account that they may have many masks, many responsibilities and many roles they need to play to be a good father, dentist, Aunty, sister, coach, mate, friend????

When we become aware of this we can develop a level of understanding and release some of the outside expectations we have on others. To see them, for who they really are, many different masks. All masks play a role in the authentic self.

Being aware (and even grateful for) the authentic self and all its roles is tolerance, understanding and compassion at the same time.

Everyone has much more to their own masks/roles than you can see or possibly even imagine.

You are NOT your title, you are many…..

If you would like to gain clarity on your own masks/roles and see how you can leverage from their authenticity, email me on matilda@coachingcorporate.com.au or visit www.coachingcorporate.com.au

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