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The Power Of Investigation

When a leader decides to use their authority with an employee they are faced with the challenge of “how to”…. How to engage with the employee in a manner that is going to serve themselves, the employee and the greater good (business, company, organisation or even culture).

I see all too much that Managers are very quick to lay blame, shame and even berate employees BEFORE even speaking to them.

We MUST investigate the situation no matter how small or large wether informally or formally BEFORE we engage with the employee in a disciplinary way.

When the Manager “assumes” the story is only one certain way. Their own perception, and we all delete, distort and generalise things- so no two perceptions are exactly the same;

we run risk of losing that employees trust which then reducing their motivation to work for said Managers.

This culture needs to change and it starts by giving Managers at all levels the training and coaching on “how to” engage with the workforce in a resourceful way.

I’ve always found when Managers lead with courage (courage meaning rage of the heart) when dealing with employees the outcome is far more resourceful.

The Managers integrity is higher due to dealing with it in a way that first addresses the employee in question instead of criticising and whinging at their level in Management.

When leaders right at the top don’t use their integrity or courage it’s a disservice to not only the employee but the culture, where respect can be lost.

It does not matter wether you think you have evidence, or wether someone ‘told you’, you MUST speak to the employee BEFORE assuming the entirety of the situation.

People rarely quit ‘jobs’, people quit their Managers.


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