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“i cant do that”, “i’m not good enough”, “why would they pick me?”…

How many times have you dreamed to take that risk! Step up and and makes some real change, then only to have overwhelming feelings of self-doubt?

Fear of failure, rejection, worthlessness and being ‘wrong’ can be crippling!

We do not need to accept this as the way we live our lives!

This thought or voice that we’ve heard over and over again saying things like “i cant do that”, “i’m not good enough”, “why would they pick me”, “i’m not worthy/smart/funny enough” are enough to make you want to hide, like how a turtle would briskly retract into it’s own shell.

If you look at the purpose of these thoughts and feelings, ultimately they want to protect us. These thoughts and feelings actually want whats best for us. They want us to be safe, they want us to stay in our comfort zone….. SO…. How does this help us reach our goals, increase our potential and ultimately live a life of success???! It doesn’t, self doubt limits our growth, leads to angst and regret over the chances we pass up. What a vicious cycle.

Sometimes self-doubt can be taken so seriously that it convinces us, the thought is actually true and we then buy into it….

Sometimes due to self-doubt we self-sabotage just to prove the self-doubt is right! Wether its procrastinating or deliberately doing something against your values because it is what the self-doubting thoughts would do. Sound familiar??

Other times we are at the other end of the spectrum trying to ‘prove’ our self-worth, putting in these crazy efforts in a way to show how great we are, when really, this pressure just isn’t necessary. We then show off our ‘greatness’ in an attempt to feel better. This is okay in the short term but now we have also raised the bar to believe this heightened sense of achievement is what we should be striving for ALL the time…. #exhausting

Welcome the imposter syndrome. Always trying to be something you’re not, leading us to engage in all sorts of pleasing behaviours; meaning we try to please others in an attempt to gain self-worth.

How great would it be if we were able to understand WHEN and WHY we start the self-doubt cycle? To really look at when and why this is happening, keep a diary for when your self-doubt is triggered. This can be a way to keep track of your cycle and you can then use this information to TAKE ACTION! Uncover the cycle and put some steps in place to move forward. Do this while having love and compassion for yourself. Acknowledging when and why is a big start to moving forward.

You know, the things you think to yourself, you’d most likely NEVER say that to anyone else; so why do we accept thinking these things to ourselves?

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