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Coaching Misconceptions

The biggest skepticism my potential clients have are the following common misconceptions.

Misconception 1. ” Coaches are either therapists or business advisers”

Coaches do not give advice or instruct their clients. People don’t usually learn from being told something. A great coach will ask thought provoking questions to stimulate new ideas which leads to real time results and long lasting progress. This way the ideas/beliefs are truly that of the clients.

Misconception 2.  ‘”Coaching is only needed for when things aren’t going so great.”

Some of the most successful athletes, executives and every day people (whatever their passion), seek coaching for rapid and continuous personal development when things are going great! Coaching can be there for when things get tough but that is not the be all and end all with coaching. Coaching focuses on practical steps to maximise the clients performance capabilities.



Below are some of the differences between Counselling and Coaching.


  • Focuses on moving from a state of dysfunction to function
  • Not goal focused
  • Works with people with serious mental trauma and helps them heal
  • Emotions gives clues to that something is not working well
  • Progress may be painful and slow with a focus on closure on the past


  • Focuses on already functional professionals/people on reaching higher levels of excellence and satisfaction in life
  • Goal oriented and solution focused
  • Works with people on practicalities to improve their circumstances
  • Emotions an be channeled positively
  • Progress is enjoyable and rapid with a focus on the future

I trust you can appreciate there are many differences between the two. If coaching is something that intrigues you, you can have a free initial consult to discuss further what coaching is and how it will benefit you. www.coachingcorporate.com.au for more details and to book in your free initial consult.

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